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Pro-Consult Solutions Ltd


Thank you for taking the time to log onto our site.

Pro-Consult Solutions offers a transformation in consulting and business support. For our clients, we strive to provide modern environmental and health and safety solutions that are efficient and sensitive to their needs. Our skills are in improving processes, re-engineering, applying the most appropriate technology, and introducing new work practices. We concentrate on corporate & social responsibility, increasing productivity, realising cost savings and ensuring that our services deliver benefits.

We focus on achieving measurable milestones, which transfer efficiency and quality and encourage approachability and free communication. For all our clients, we play an integral role in ensuring that they meet the needs of shareholders, legislation, employees, clients, and communities, now and into the future.

We offer on-site consultancy and on-going support that can be delivered as short-term contracts or long-term partnerships and these are always based on clearly defined performance indicators.

Our Business Model

Our Business Model